Total Reliance grows their client base with a cloud WMS made for 3PLs

The challenge

Total Reliance was set up in 2014 to provide state-of-the-art fulfillment and e-commerce solutions to companies striving to build their brands and extend their influence beyond the sales transaction. The company's mission is to be a proactive and strategic business partner, leveraging innovative technologies and custom solutions.

Total Reliance expanded so fast in its first year of trading that it quickly outgrew its off-the-shelf inventory management system. With a growing customer base and further opportunities on the horizon, the company required a WMS solution that would give them the confidence and credibility to pursue prospects that might not otherwise select such a new third-party logistics partner.

The solution

Having evaluated a number of possible WMS providers, Total Reliance selected the SnapFulfil cloud WMS.

Brian Kirst, Total Reliance Co-founder and COO says: "After a brief overview of our operation, the SnapFulfil team were able to demonstrate how their solution would benefit us specific to our true client and business needs, highlighting functionality that was relevant to our business as a 3PL.

"In addition, we couldn't ignore the significant cost savings we would experience going with a SaaS solution. On this basis we quickly determined that SnapFulfil was the right fit for us."

The benefits

As a start-up with nothing to benchmark against, most of the benefits of implementing SnapFulfil have so far been qualitative but are nonetheless significant and include:

  • Freeing up Total Reliance management to focus on growing the business
  • Encouraging customers to contract directly with Total Reliance, instead of via a 4PL agreement
  • Leveraging relationship with SnapFulfil to enhance service offering

The future

As with any growing business, Total Reliance continues to focus on ways to increase revenue and maximize profitability. Having been in business for just under two years, this is a critical time for the company to consolidate its existing client base, while continuing to capitalize on business development opportunities.

Brian Kirst says: "SnapFulfil will be a key component of our future success, first and foremost by continuing to provide us with a level of support which, in my experience, goes way above and beyond the industry standard. The ability to leverage the support services of SnapFulfil as if they are an extension of our core team here at Total Reliance is a key component of our ability to succeed in the future. Our experience with their team has given us the confidence to make technology commitments to new opportunities that we are now confident we can achieve through our partnership with SnapFulfil."

He concludes: "We continue to manage and enhance our processes with the support of SnapFulfil to the point that we are regularly meeting internally to challenge what else SnapFulfil could do for us and we have yet to be disappointed. The ultimate acid test is that our customers are satisfied and we are able to offer what is, in our opinion, a superior order fulfillment service to our clients."




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