Agile and configurable WMS delivers for 3PL

The challenge

Operating from multiple fulfillment centers, alongside an integrated global warehousing partner network, 3PL is growing a minimum 20% year on year and now serves in excess of 100+ repeat clients and employs in excess of 150+ colleagues during peak season.

3PL manages in excess of 50,000 live SKU's and circa 15 million units of stock increasing by the month, 3PL required greater scalability, stability and efficiency at the heart of their operations whist also completely eliminating the use of paper from everyday warehousing tasks.

The WMS also needed to be configurable, affordable and API friendly, and have a range of functionality specifically tailored to the needs of third party logistics - providing greater accuracy and transparency, as well as cost and resource savings.

The solution

SnapFulfil WMS was identified as the preferred solution because of its advanced cloud-based capabilities, renowned agility and flexibility.

Stringent user acceptance testing saw them run test data/transactions covering all areas of the operation from inbound receiving to outbound despatch and billing. Working closely with the Snapfulfil onboarding team, 3PL was able to pre-empt any conflicts and shape the rules to how the WMS best served its operations.

The benefits

SnapFulfil's SPIM feature, which facilitates streamlined single order line processing of multiple products, has been particularly useful. Use of this targeted functionality during peak seasons saw 3PL achieve a 100% increase in efficiency to operations for one stream of business. It also works in tandem with any existing rules regarding stock availability and picking priority.

The company will be taking advantage of SnapFulfil's multiple billing functionality for third party logistics providers (along with their own custom billing module) alongside a bespoke customer portal that brings enhanced visibility of real time data and a much more granular approach.