Remote Implementation a dose of the right medicine for Truepill

The challenge

At short notice, a high-profile 3rd party customer approached Truepill to handle fulfillment for a new e-commerce store for OTC goods. It needed to have robust inventory controls and be capable of scaling across multiple sites. Launching this store required setting up a test environment in record time and a hard 'go live' of just 29 days.

The solution

Truepill quickly realized it needed an advanced DTC engineered WMS that could integrate into the existing backend architecture. The priority was to consistently deliver efficiency with higher volume and smaller orders to satisfy customer demand for shrinking delivery timeframes.

Launching a major e-commerce facility at the height of a pandemic is as challenging as it gets, but SnapFulfil's unique Remote Implementation (RI) program offered a quality, reliable and customer-focused software delivery method and 'go live' process, even while navigating remote work requirements.

Additionally, to provide data guidance through RF transactions, SOTI software was utilized regularly to remotely dial into the guns and lend support. This was highly effective in allowing Truepill users to carry out real time transactions through the prospect warehouse, while still being monitored by the SnapFulfil onboarding team

The benefits

Flexibility and the ability to re-schedule activities on the fly is a key driver of SnapFulfil. When Truepill's customer asked for a 'proof of concept' one week before go live, SnapFulfil was able to deliver because there was a clear plan in place.

Testing a dummy order through the WMS involved multiple screenshots and conference calls to show and explain the progressive stages of picking and packing. The customer was able to scrutinize the live order from start to finish for reassuring end-to-end visibility.

Tailored functionality has also been possible with a packing slip modification that allows for a bespoke customer logo to be added to the base pack slip, plus the attachment detail record determining when it's needed to print.

Truepill also had stringent internal SLA's with regards to order ship timelines. With SnapFulfil on board they are able to pack high volumes more efficiently with ongoing and precise knowledge of what orders and dates are in the system.

The success of this proof of concept launch has already seen Truepill look at four to five additional sites across the US for increased access to markets and optimized inventory storage options.




Remote Implementation a dose of the right medicine for Truepill