Remote Implementation facilitates timely expansion for Watch Gang

The challenge

Watch Gang is a fast growing e-commerce retailer of luxury and collectable watches servicing B2C markets.  The company was frustrated by 3PL fulfillment issues, specifically around delivery times and poor customer service. Bringing it in house seemed the only option, but they quickly realized that a WMS system was essential if they were to realize their goals. 

However, the COVID-19 outbreak threw their best laid plans up in the air. With their move into a new HQ delayed due to the pandemic, an essentially homeless Watch Gang had to find a temporary 6,000 sq.ft space to begin implementation from while managing the new normal challenges of social distancing, self isolation, travel restrictions, plus site labor shortages. The temporary facility, also presented its own challenge of an extremely limited internet bandwidth.

The solution

SnapFulfil's Remote Implementation (RI) program provided tailored virtual support, including regular online training and status meetings, to ensure new teams were able to access and test the system, meeting Go Live deadlines.

During the planning stages there were numerous questions around network stability, so technical resource was assigned early to provide guidance on set up and installations. This up-front and direct communication prevented any unnecessary delays and helped prepare for troubleshooting ahead of RF delivery.

Watch Gang were asked to provide a video walkthrough of the fulfillment space before and after racking had been established, which assisted the SnapFulfil project team with data configuration and set up but also encouraged a collaborative approach. Together, they were able to determine zones, sections and pick sequences for the initial 6,000 sq.ft space, but also formulate a methodology that would accommodate the new HQ warehouse and allow for a smooth transition.

The benefits

Watch Gang received direct, dedicated support from the implementation team in the weeks after Go Live to help the team switch their focus quickly from ensuring orders were processed to how to utilize SnapFulfil better. 

Incremental volume has increased significantly. SnapFulfil's Auto mode in particular has helped optimize work issued to the operator to maximize productivity. A queue of tasks can be assigned with a few clicks of a button, streamlining processes and saving valuable time, resource and money.




Remote Implementation facilitates timely expansion for Watch Gang