Z Customization stitches its way to warehouse success

The challenge

Z Customization is a booming embroidery, warehouse management and order fulfillment business with a host of customers, including some of the biggest names in sporting goods.

Prior to using SnapFulfil, Z Customization relied on paper-based processes and manual picking to manage order fulfillment. However, when orders began to grow, the company knew it needed a best-of-breed system to keep up and scale.

The company needed a solution that could be implemented in a short amount of time and would work for a mid-sized business, with the ability to scale as the company grew.

In addition, Z Customization needed a WMS provider that could seamlessly integrate with its customers' ERP systems, allowing easier transmission of orders and receipts between the WMS and the embroiderer's customers.

The solution

Z Customization charged SnapFulfil with developing a robust fulfillment operation through its cloud-based WMS. Within 12 weeks, Z Customization's manual order fulfillment processes were transitioned to SnapFulfil, and its proprietary system and ERP were successfully integrated.

Because a large number of Z Customization's orders go through embroidery or heat transfer before fulfillment, SnapFulfil's implementation team customized a routing method that optimized picking and helped employees move items through production more efficiently.

The benefits

Z Customization has seen considerable improvements and its shipping accuracy is now greater than 98 percent.

SnapFulfil has also allowed Z Customization to thrive as a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. The WMS enables Z Customization to more effectively manage its embroidery customers' SKUs. 3PL revenue has increased fourfold.