SnapFulfil gives Tori Belle a real eye for detail and value

The challenge

Tori Belle Cosmetics boasts customers in North America, the UK, plus Australasia, and is one of the world's fastest growing direct sales and e-commerce companies.

The company was looking to streamline operations as quickly as possible and achieve much greater visibility in fulfillment and order processing – with a particular focus on assisting individual team member productivity rates.

The solution

Having looked at five other solutions, with an emphasis on platform diligence, Tori Belle saw SnapFulfil as the best option to control all-important labor costs for their aggressive expansion of operations, number of warehouses and associates, as well as a strategic partner enabling organizational growth.

The benefits

A year on from implementation, Tori Belle's fulfillment rate rose from 67% to 92% efficiency. COVID-19 was an obvious challenge, but the business still managed to grow by four times in 2020, with SnapFulfil helping the company to and meet evolving customer demands.

Ease of integration and user friendliness has also helped smooth the transition, with SnapFulfil bringing Tori Belle's operations in line with its increased scale in each market segment.

Matthew Suarez, VP Global Distribution for Tori Belle Cosmetics, says: "SnapFulfil provides that unique combination of cutting edge technology, dedicated people operations and a business model that is adaptable for a company (of any size) that wants to expand rapidly.

"We always expect the best and plan for the worst, and having SnapFulfil as a true partner in every sense of the word helps us maneuver with confidence for any opportunities and challenges on the horizon."