Warehouse mystery solved for Hunt A Killer

The challenge

After launching as a successful live event in the fall of 2016, Hunt A Killer brought it's live to a larger audience with a subscription commerce model that delivers murder mystery boxes to its customers once a month.

In the early days of launching its subscription commerce offering, Hunt A Killer faced two challenges. The first is typical within the subscription box industry: the subcom provider needed to manage unprecedented growth. Hunt A Killer subscribers skyrocketed 2,000 percent in just two years.

Hunt A Killer's other challenge came from its box design, as they maintain up to 19 different boxes in any given month, and each box contains a set of SKUs not used elsewhere.

The solution

Hunt A Killer needed a fulfillment strategy that would lessen the burden of assembling so many different boxes, as well as an inventory management tool that could track each SKU. With the ability to manage the entire fulfillment process, the SnapFulfil WMS was the right fit for Hunt A Killer's complex shipping model.

The benefits

Previously, Hunt A Killer's team had no visibility into stock levels and shipping frequency – both of which SnapFulfil allowed for. The WMS simplified inventory management, helping users understand how much stock is coming in, how much is going out, total inventory for the month and how much is left over from the previous month. Hunt A Killer can quickly replenish its inventory, helping the provider keep up with current subscribers and eventually allowing the provider to take on more subscribers per day, leading to greater profitability.

Hunt A Killer would like to greatly expand its subscriber base this year, and SnapFulfil's flexible configuration will empower the subcom provider to achieve the efficiency necessary for growth.

Hunt A Killer's VP of Operations, Lokesh Yadagiri says: "Hunt A Killer is a small team telling a big story, so we needed a partner that could tackle our unique logistical challenges. SnapFulfil's all-in-one WMS simplified the way we approach fulfillment. The WMS gave us the visibility we needed to streamline inventory management for our numerous SKUs, freeing our team to focus on growth."