Jamberry Nails projects annual cost savings of $1.5M with Snapfulfil's cloud WMS

The challenge

Jamberry Nails has grown exponentially, from less than $1 million revenue in 2013 to a +$100 million business in 2015. Orders have increased from several hundred to around 15,000 orders per day.

Having moved to a new fulfillment center to support this growth, it quickly became clear that Jamberry's manual warehouse management systems and processes could not continue to support the fast moving and growing e-commerce fulfillment operation. Inventory accuracy was as low as 50% and manual picking of visually similar products was causing a high number of mis-ships and re-ships.

The solution

Jamberry initially required a paper-based system to support the main fulfillment operation, along with RF-driven picking for raw materials, packaging, 'style boxes' and kit components for assembly by a contract packing company.

Jamberry selected the Snapfulfil cloud WMS due to its ability to support this requirement and to integrate seamlessly with the company's future ERP plans. The company was also impressed by Snapfulfil's sophisticated functionality and flexible rules and features which allowed it to be accurately and easily customised to meet Jamberry's specific operational requirements.

Key features of the Snapfulfil solution include the printing of shipping labels with every pick list, allowing orders to be picked into envelopes ready for dispatch and the introduction of a verification scan at the pack desk, guaranteeing that the correct item has been picked before the order is released for final delivery.

The benefits

  • Error orders reduced by 78%
  • Annual projected cost savings of $1.5 million
  • Phased move to RF-directed picking will deliver an additional $200,000 p/a saving

The improvements have also been reflected in positive customer feedback on social media and the fact that Jamberry's customer service team can now focus on outbound marketing calls instead of inbound error calls.

"Not many organizations would tax Snapfulfil as we have with the number of SKUs, the complexity of our custom application requirements, sheer volume and lack of initial infrastructure. Snapfulfil handled all of these things simultaneously.

"The Snapfulfil team came in and helped us define our processes, worked within our requested constraints and provided a working solution quickly."

Jonée Woodard, Vice President of Operations, Jamberry

The future

Jamberry is gearing up to process up to 50,000 orders per day by the end of 2016. To handle these volumes, the operation will migrate to a fully RF-driven system, along with single-line pick and batch picking to further enhance productivity in the warehouse.

The Snapfulfil implementation and associated process and performance improvements also provide a blueprint for a best-in-class warehousing operation which Jamberry can replicate in additional locations as it continues to grow, both in the US and internationally.