Dream Products saves big with SnapFulfil

The challenge

Established in 2001, Dream Products started out principally as a mail-order catalog retailer selling a wide range of unique products from housewares and garden products to apparel and lingerie.

In recent years, Dream Products has seen rapid growth in its e-commerce business, however, its paper-based picking and inventory management system struggled to cope with the increasing speed and complexity, resulting in data entry and stock location errors, mis-ships and inflated labor costs.

Performing an inventory audit was also a monumental task, requiring the warehouse to suspend operations for two full weeks each year.

To address these problems, the company required a best of breed warehouse management system to drive greater accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse.

The solution

Following a review of the WMS market, Dream Products identified that the SnapFulfil Cloud WMS was the best fit for its requirements.

The benefits

Within 30 days of implementing SnapFulfil, Dream Products reduced its headcount by five full time employees, representing an annual cost saving of $100,000.

Within 60 days, the business had begun re-structuring its warehousing and fulfillment areas to implement best practices and improved material flows to meet high order volumes, with room for growth. Having originally accepted that it would need to move to a larger facility to accommodate the growth in its business, Dream Products was able to extend the lease on its existing facility, saving the cost and disruption of a move.

Due to improved inventory accuracy, Dream Products has also been able to bring more inventory into its main facility, reducing the amount of outside storage by 50% and saving approximately $55,000 per annum.

Dream Products' Director of Operations, Sylvia Avalos-Flores says: "What was once organized chaos, with employees hurrying from one task to another, turned into a highly efficient operation in which all staff are focused on individual tasks that can be tracked and evaluated.

"SnapFulfil was the key to allowing us to take our warehousing and fulfillment operations to the next level, providing a stable and scalable platform for our continued growth."