SnapData amalgamates data from various sources and locations into one cloud-based central dashboard.

Powered by the latest Tableau software, SnapData can manipulate and blend stored information and client data to generate business performance metrics, plus it uses a replica database to avoid congestion on your production environment.

SnapFulfil Database Analyst, Craig Lievesley, explains: "SnapData allows you to see and understand all your data and create and display key and bespoke KPIs relevant to your business – including operational KPIs with your financial and supplier KPIs.

"It's an interactive environment that makes your data work harder for you and the KPI dashboard can be drilled down into further – producing granular reports for other managers such as shipping reports, warehouse heat maps, operator tracking and picking performance. There's also a sandbox area to create further and tailored in-house reports.

"This ease of access all helps drive efficiency, productivity and profitability - it's all about much more data quality and better resources allocation and process flow - and because it's not interrogating your production data it won't slow down or even crash the system.

"With you fully in control of your data and properly owning it, the possibilities are pretty much endless and the extra great thing about SnapData is that it's constantly evolving and being upgraded and improved."

SnapData is analytics & reporting as a service, with no DBA knowledge required and no need to worry about hosting, SQL Enterprise licensing or analytics engine administration, as it's all managed by SnapFulfil in a fixed monthly cost.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Analytics & reporting as a service (ARaaS)
  • Access to live SnapFulfil data via replicated database
  • No need to have any DBA knowledge
  • Access to SnapFulfil support during business hours
  • Access to a number of pre-configured reports, KPI's and a holistic view of the operations inventory and resources
  • Visualise your operational KPIs

Key Performance Indicators:

The system can be configured to display a KPI dashboard, giving top level information, such as operational performance, tailored to the needs of senior managers and directors.

The KPI report can then be drilled down into further, granular reports for other managers in the business, such as shipping reports, warehouse heatmaps and picking performance

"We saw an immediate improvement in operational efficiency and, over time, have used SnapFulfil to better manage and allocate resources within the warehouse. As a result, I'd say we're about 30% leaner."

The Cotswold Company

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