Introducing cellular picking

SnapCart is a brand new approach to warehouse picking and automation.

Specifically designed to support multi-order picking routines in the modern e-commerce warehouse environment, SnapCart costs less than a third of other robotic solutions. Using cart-mounted pick to light technology, it can carry up to 48 totes and delivers significant improvements in picking efficiency and accuracy.

Businesses lose thousands of productive man hours each year through pickers walking repeatedly up and down the warehouse floor. SnapCart is an innovative "man to goods" approach that confines pickers to a specific cell, serviced  by an autonomous cart. The picker does the picking and the cart does the walking.

Integrated technology

SnapCart integrates seamlessly with the SnapFulfil warehouse management system to ensure pickers can quickly and easily identify the right product for the right tote, driving improved efficiency and order accuracy.

Efficiency through innovation

Made with hard wearing, high quality components and using widely available robotics software, SnapCart is fully reconfigurable and can carry up to 48 totes.


  • Robust autonomous warehouse robot
  • Uses cart-mounted pick to light technology
  • Supports multi-order picking routines
  • Capable of carrying up to 48 totes
  • Fully reconfigurable
  • Integrates seamlessly with SnapFulfil


  • Costs less than a third of other robotic solutions
  • Delivers significant improvements in picking efficiency and accuracy
  • Low risk solution
  • No infrastructure changes
  • Easy to use - virtually no training required
  • Tracks all resources

"SnapFulfil's best-of-breed functionality has driven the introduction of best practices, giving our partners and customers complete confidence in our ability to deliver on our promises."


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