A foreword from CEO Don White

Welcome to the second edition of SnapBytes, our quarterly newsletter aimed at keeping you up to date with news and product information for SnapFulfil.

It's certainly been a challenging start to the year.  As the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) crisis continues to dominate the headlines and disrupt lives and businesses, we are committed to providing an uninterrupted service for our customers. 

Synergy has a robust business continuity strategy in place to safeguard the delivery of critical services to customers and partners across the globe. As such, we do not anticipate any service degradation or disruption during the

All of the services we provide are engineered for resiliency and redundancy by default. Furthermore, our cloud-based service enables the majority of support functions to be handled remotely. These architectural decisions underpin our ability to continue offering a high level of service to our customers.

Our rollout of the latest product version of SnapFulfil - which will see all customers upgraded to the latest HTML5-based application – is progressing. This is one of the largest and most complex operations we have completed as a business, which has now been further complicated by the Covid-19 movement restrictions. If you have not yet been contacted about your upgrade, please be patient – we will be in touch as soon as possible.

We're also working on some new functionality within SnapFulfil that will provide on-screen guidance to "walk" users through any new or unfamiliar processes within the program. This is a superb new feature and will take us a step closer towards allowing our customers to carry out an even greater level of implementation and customization of their software. As ever, your feedback or suggestions are always gratefully received, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Chief Executive Officer

"We are committed to providing an uninterrupted service for our customers."

Don White, CEO - North America

On the road to success

Technology and the way in which we do business never stand still, so having a clear direction of travel is essential. That's why at SnapFulfil we have been working on our latest product road map.

The road map contains several new product enhancements and outlines the vision and direction of SnapFulfil. The latest 2019.2 road map includes: multi-warehouse order assignment functionality; the ability to enable RF transfer of multiple SKUs from multiple source locations; pack station enhancements for packing of whole case picks; extended 3PL billing functionality and the introduction of virtual columns to allow additional data to be more easily captured.

It also includes a preview of new and updated functionality that is being planned such as report customization, an updated voice picking solution, image capture and enhanced replenishment visibility. 

SnapFulfil's Chief Technical Officer, Anish Mackan, said: "We are continually investing in SnapFulfil to ensure we stay ahead of our competition, and the road map highlights the specific enhancements that have been made as well as those in the pipeline.

"This is an evolving document, fuelled not only by the ever-growing consumer demand for more responsive order fulfillment but also the diverse range of operating requirements of our customers."

Anyone who would like to contribute ideas for the road map should email: SFProductTeam@snapfulfil.com Work is also underway to enable customers to provide road map feedback and suggestions via Zendesk.

"This is an evolving document, fuelled not only by the ever-growing consumer demand for more responsive order fulfilment but also the diverse range of operating requirements of our customers."

Anish Mackan, Technical Officer

New analytics service aims to make data work harder

SnapFulfil customers wanting to gain a deeper, more holistic insight in to the performance of their warehouse are being advised to consider the SnapData analytics and reporting service.

Powered by the latest Tableau software, SnapData amalgamates data from various sources and locations into one cloud-based central dashboard. It can manipulate and blend stored information and client data to generate business performance metrics, plus it uses a replica database to avoid congestion on the production environment.

SnapFulfil Database Analyst, Craig Lievesley, explains: "SnapData is an interactive environment that makes your data work harder for you and the KPI dashboard can be drilled down into further – producing granular reports for other managers such as shipping reports, warehouse heat maps, operator tracking and picking performance. There's also a sandbox area to create further and tailored in-house reports.”

For more information or to arrange a demo, please contact Craig on: 843-489-8875 or email: craig.lievesley@snapfulfil.com.

New analytics service aims to make data work harder

Farmdrop joins the SnapFulfil family

We’re delighted to welcome sustainable online supermarket, Farmdrop, as the newest edition to the growing list of SnapFulfil customers.

With a mission to fix the food chain, the London-based company has moved to optimise its warehousing and distribution efficiencies – and chose our cloud-based WMS because of its renowned flexibility, functionality and configurability.

The “farm-to-table” fresh foods company has begun proceedings with 15 users and plans to double its number of licences within the next six months.

Fern Wake, Chief Operating Officer at Farmdrop, said: "SnapFulfil demonstrated proper understanding of our business during the procurement process and gave us a relevant, operational solution, rather than a sales-focused pitch.”

"Their project management team even did some night shifts with us to fully comprehend our processes and that is certainly above and beyond the call of duty."
Fern Wake, Chief Operating Officer

Farmdrop joins the SnapFulfil family

Did you know?

Last year we introduced more than 50 product modifications for SnapFulfil.

What's more, all SnapFulfil customers are entitled to a new software release each year to maximise the benefits of SnapFulfil's high levels of functionality and configurability while at the same time offer maximum value for money. For more information, please contact SnapFulfil QA Manager, Dan Moss, on: 843-489-8875 or email: dan.moss@snapfulfil.com

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