The Cotswold Company improves warehouse management with SnapFulfil's cloud WMS

The challenge

Prior to implementing SnapFulfil, The Cotswold Company were using paper-based processes generated by the company's SAGE accounting system to run the warehouse. Without a proper system to manage the warehouse, the operation suffered from poor inventory and picking accuracy and sub-optimal productivity.

The solution

The Cotswold Company made the decision to look for a professional warehouse management system to automate processes and optimize efficiency and accuracy within the warehouse. Following a review of possible vendors, the company selected the SnapFulfil Cloud WMS.

The Cotswold Company's Warehouse Manager, Paul Wilson said: "We needed something which was user-friendly for any warehouse operative but at the same time, was functionally sophisticated. SnapFulfil offered the best of both worlds."

The benefits

As a result of implementing SnapFulfil, The Cotswold Company has benefited from significantly improved accuracy, efficiency and productivity and has successfully moved away from an unsatisfactory third-party logistics operation.

Paul Wilson said: "We saw an immediate improvement in operational efficiency and, over time, have used SnapFulfil to better manage and allocate resources within the warehouse. As a result, I'd say we're around 30% leaner and, in my experience, operate with significantly fewer people than many similar warehousing operations."

SnapFulfil's structured cycle counting functionality has removed the need for an annual stock take and the associated loss of revenue.

Receiving capacity has also increased significantly, from three containers per day previously up to eight.

The future

The Cotswold Company's Marketing Director, James Birtwhistle concludes: "We know that what we offer appeals to a market that's not limited to the UK. Our aspiration is to continue to service our customers' demands overseas through international fulfillment and this is one exciting area we're actively pursuing.

"The company is keen to develop the business architecture that will support the levels of growth it is experiencing and SnapFulfil is central to that objective."



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