turns on the taps to next-level digital tech

The challenge

The opening of a new distribution center was the catalyst for to make the transition from pen-and-paper driven warehousing to next level digital technology.

The company needed an end-to-end warehouse management system (WMS) which could easily be interfaced with its ERP system, implemented quickly, without a large capital investment and able to drive productivity improvements immediately.'s product range also lends itself to various storage methods, stillages, extra-large pallets and carton roller options - all of which needed to be managed simply and efficiently within the new WMS.

The solution

Having evaluated several systems, SnapFulfil gave the company the competitive pricing and configuring flexibility required to facilitate growth and reduce operating costs. The logistical benefits of using a proven solution provider also helped in what was a massive 'change management' undertaking for

The benefits

Return on investment has already seen a 30% reduction in operating costs from digital over paper management, with the cost per item now under 50p - a significant saving. Programme Manager Mike Wood says: "We've quickly gained more insights into the efficiencies of our business management processes and have been able to react and improve accordingly because SnapFulfil records everything. Stock checks are 99.99% accurate and the precision of our reporting has been equally impressive.

"We've also been able to do enhancement and optimization work as additional delivery carriers come on board and working closely with the SnapFulfil Continuous Improvement Team means more management data, better understanding and a WMS that keeps giving valuable insight."

With the many different sized products, the SnapFulfil volumetric functionality drives pallets to the correct locations to maximize occupancy, a process which is continually being honed to optimize slot usage.

download-the-soak-case-study turns on the taps to next-level digital tech