FreestyleXtreme increases order volume and reduces errors with SnapFulfil

The challenge

FreestyleXtreme sells the biggest brands in action sports and operates 20 multi-country, multi-lingual websites, regularly shipping to 60+ countries worldwide.

The company's 15,000 sq ft warehouse in Bristol, UK stocks around 30,000 SKUs and 100,000 items and typically handles in the region of 800 orders per day, a figure which can more than double in the run up to Christmas peak.

Having grown sales by more than 100% in 12 months, FreestyleXtreme found that the warehouse management module of its ERP system lacked both the functionality and flexibility it needed to manage its fast-moving and fast-growing fulfillment operation.

The business therefore set out to find a best of breed WMS to provide a stable and scalable platform for continued growth and to support its crucial peak trading periods.

The solution

Following a review of several WMS vendors, FreestyleXtreme selected the SnapFulfil Cloud WMS due to its feature rich solution, No Capex business model and the immediate productivity improvements made possible by the system's automated task management functionality.

The benefits

Compared to the same time last year, the operation is handling 108% more volume with only three additional people, working an eight hour day, rather than the previous need for 12 hour shifts.

FreestyleXtreme has also seen a substantial reduction in sending errors from around 0.4% to 0.06%.

Due to near perfect inventory accuracy, overselling has been virtually eliminated, ensuring that the company's customers are never disappointed.

In addition to accurately recording and verifying inbound goods at both receiving and put-away, SnapFulfil also drives a rolling inventory count, allowing any discrepancies to be identified in a timely manner and inventory records adjusted accordingly to maintain the highest levels of stock accuracy and integrity. This has removed the need for a manual stock take, saving five people two weeks of work.

Ben Richardson, FreestyleXtreme's Customer Experience Director says, "SnapFulfil has all but removed human error from the operation and gives us complete visibility of every action. As a result, if we do experience a problem, we're able to identify the exact cause and to modify our processes accordingly, driving continuous improvement."

In conjunction with a new multi-level picking system, the efficiencies driven by the warehouse management system are also expected to allow FreestyleXtreme to delay moving to a larger warehouse for at least three years, avoiding the associated cost and disruption.